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Communicate with everyone, everywhere, every way your business demands. Subscribe to our VoIP telephone services for industry-grade, hosted communication solutions that allow for seamless collaboration and results you can count on.

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VoIP Telephone Service Plans for Business from $19.95/mo

Significantly reduce your phone bill with our complete VoIP business telephone solution – with local support available in Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, and around the GTA.

While Yes Telecom strives for accuracy in our advertising, we reserve the right to correct any error in pricing or information at any time. Service may not be available everywhere.

* The monthly rate is based on a three-year contract term and does not include applicable taxes, wiring fee, installation fee, shipping fees, porting fees and phone devices price. VoIP 9-1-1 service has certain limitations versus traditional 9-1-1. A $1.00 charge for VoIP 9-1-1 service applies. Unlimited Long Distance usage is governed by our Reasonable Usage Policy to prevent abuse available at https://yestel.ca/terms-and-conditions/

5 Advantages Of VoIP Business Telephones

Is your business looking for a dependable and cost-efficient alternative for your existing telephone line? Consider investing in an affordable VoIP business telephone plan with a reputable VoIP business telephone provider in Richmond Hill like YesTel.

At YesTel, we understand that having access to a reliable phone line for cultivating strong customer and business relationships is one of your top priorities. That’s why we offer inexpensive VoIP business telephone solutions to our customers, starting at just 19.95/month. Improve efficiency, boost productivity, and see a rapid return on your investment when you switch to VoIP today.

Interested in learning more about the advantages of using VoIP for your business? Keep reading:

VoIP is Easy To Install, Configure And Maintain

Ensure that your business never has to experience unnecessary downtime when you switch to VoIP. Unlike traditional landlines which require extensive wiring throughout your facility, IP phones are quick and easy to install. In as little as 30 minutes, your business will be up and running from our cloud-based system at YesTel.

Once your business is connected, you’ll easily be able to configure and maintain your system via our convenient web portal. Need additional help or support with your VoIP system? YesTel’s business telephone solutions offer comprehensive technical support to ensure that your business’ switch is as smooth as possible. Whether you need help adding a new user or customizing your system, our specialists are always ready to help.

VoIP Easily Scales Up or Down

Over time, your business will likely grow and expand, which means that you may need to add additional phone lines to your plan. While in the past, you may have had to extend or wait for your existing contract with your landline provider to expire, VoIP business telephone providers like YesTel eliminate the inconvenience. With our VoIP solutions, your system can easily be scaled up or down on demand at little to no cost to you. Whether you’re looking to add 10 lines to your business or simply want to remove lines that are not in use, VoIP solutions like ours make it easy.

VoIP Offers Your Favourite Call Features

Switching to a cheaper alternative doesn’t always mean losing out. Our affordable VoIP business solutions offer the same great call features you know and love, at a fraction of the cost. From unlimited Canada & US calling to enhanced voicemail and caller ID, your business won’t have to give up your favourite call features when switching to VoIP.

VoIP is Compatible with Older Technology

At YesTel, we understand that even in the digital age, there are times when businesses may need access to fax. That’s why we offer unique add-ons to our VoIP business telephone solutions including the ability to send and receive faxes. Thanks to our state-of-the-art virtual faxing feature, your business won’t even have to upgrade your existing technology. Designed to be compatible with older technologies, VoIP enables your business to do more and save more.

VoIP is Cost-Efficient

Arguably, the biggest advantage of VoIP is its cost-efficiency. Unlike traditional landlines which are expensive to maintain, VoIP is an affordable, cost-effective alternative that offers the same great features and quality at a fraction of the cost. With VoIP, you can ensure that your business has access to a secure and reliable connection at all times without breaking the bank. Beyond significantly reducing your business’ telephone bills on a month-to-month basis, VoIP will also allow you to reap in long-term savings on your over operational costs.

Ready to take advantage of all the benefits associated with VoIP? At YesTel, we offer complete VoIP business telephone solutions to businesses in Richmond Hill and the GTA. Make the switch to a reputable VoIP business telephone provider today by giving us a call.

3 Myths About VoIP Business Telephones

Despite the growing number of people switching their business telephones over to VoIP phone systems, many are still skeptical because of some myths floating around the internet. But did you know that many of these myths are simply common misconceptions?

As a reputable VoIP business telephone provider, we understand that your company’s telephone line is your business’ lifeline. That’s why we believe in delivering secure and reliable connections to clients, so that they may have access to clear and effective communications and seamless collaboration.

At YesTel, we want our clients to be confident about their decision to make the switch. That’s why we’re debunking 3 common misconceptions about VoIP phone systems today to give you some peace of mind. To discover the truth behind using VoIP for your business, keep reading:

Myth #1: VoIP Business Telephones Are Not Secure

Popular to contrary belief, VoIP phone systems are far more secure than traditional telephone lines. When using a traditional telephone line, your call can be easily tapped into, putting both your business and your client’s information at risk. However, with VoIP telephone systems, your line will be intricately encoded and modulated to ensure that your business’ security and privacy goes uncompromised. Rest easy knowing that your business’ confidential information will remain confidential when you make the switch to a reputable VoIP business telephone provider like YesTel today.

Myth #2: Voice Quality Is Bad In Comparison To Traditional Lines

As you may already know, VoIP phone systems use your business’ internet connection to keep you connected to your customers. Back in the early days of VoIP, customers may have complained about slow connections and unreliability, but VoIP phone systems and broadband internet connections have progressed dramatically since then. With faster internet speeds available today, VoIP phone systems are just as –if not more — reliable than traditional phone lines today.

With that being said, the main factor that typically affects the quality of calls is your internet speed. If your broadband speeds and internet quality are up to par, then your VoIP phone systems should see no issue either. Boasting a greater frequency range than traditional analogue lines, VoIP phone systems can actually enable your business to receive clearer calls with less background noise for clear and effective communication with your customers.

Myth #3: Changing Providers Means You Lose Your Phone Number

Terrified of making the switch simply because you don’t want to lose your existing business telephone number? At YesTel, we understand that keeping a consistent number is vital for your business. That’s why we offer to port your existing number for you. Whether you’re currently with a traditional business telephone provider or another VoIP business telephone provider, our team at YesTel will make the switch easy. In as little as 30 minutes, we’ll have all your contacts, services and numbers transitioned into your new YesTel VoIP phone system so that your business day goes uninterrupted.

At YesTel, our mission is to provide customers with local, affordable and accessible support for all their business communications needs. That’s why we offer complete business telephone solutions–with local support available in Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket and other areas in the GTA–for small to medium sized businesses starting at just $19.99/month. With lower standard rates and guaranteed voice quality, YesTel will make your transition to VoIP phone systems as seamless as possible.

Ready to help your business make the switch? YesTel is a reputable VoIP business telephone provider, offering complete business solutions to those in Richmond Hill and surrounding GTA areas. To speak with one of our specialists, feel free to give us a call.

What Makes VoIP Service the Affordable Landline Alternative?

As a business looking for a reliable phone line, you may be wondering how voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service offers cost efficient communication that exceeds your typical landline system. You want to ensure that the money you save doesn’t come at the cost of a faulty connection, and fortunately, VoIP service exists to remedy that.

Switching to a VoIP business telephone allows you to use an existing clear internet connection, rather than relying on an alternate system and cuts costs while providing the best quality communication line. Read on to gain a little more insight on the difference between VoIP and landline service and why VoIP saves your business from unnecessary expenses.

The IP Advantage

Since traditional landlines send voice communications through a private branch exchange (PBX), they require a seperate line and provider for voice and data capabilities. Instead, VoIP systems transmit voice calls using IP as data packets, combining voice and data capabilities on a single network.

Having one multi-functioning line enhances your access to business communications, collaborative team action, smarter work routines, and flexible work conditions – all while incurring lower costs than the landline alternative in most instances.

VoIP Cost-Efficiency

The biggest advantage of VoIP service is the savings you reap from a significantly reduced phone bill expense. Since your business no longer has to work with more than one service provider for office, mobile, and data services, you eliminate additional network costs with just one bill coming from one provider. VoIP telephone companies manage and maintain your network, hardware, and software, which reduces the need for IT support, so you have more time and resources to innovate on other business initiatives.

VoIP systems also allow for monthly, per-user payments, and can come with limitless data so you have complete flexibility with long distance calls. Unexpected charges then become a thing of the past, as your mobility, location, and  time of day you’re making calls has no influence on your monthly fees. Best of all, VoIP phone systems are easy and quick to install. We can come in to your office, or send our phones to your location, and help you connect your new devices to the internet, so that your business can operate as usual without disruptions.

Improved Productivity Yields Business Savings

The amount of money you can save from having a more efficient workplace is undeniable. Your day-to-day tasks become easier in a way that landline systems would not allow for.  With our VoIP services, your employees will spend less time waiting for manual, paper fed faxes, and instead, receive faxes via email with a clear PDF attachment, ready to be forwarded.  Business communications will be made in a more timely manner, with no technical disruptions.

VoIP service also improves customer satisfaction, as employees can spend less time attempting to troubleshoot issues that have occurred; instead, they can simply reach out to a VoIP auto attendant. Our attendants will give the caller information regarding common issues, so they can resolve them quickly and efficiently. Human resources can even be improved, as calls can be forwarded to appropriate numbers at any time of day.

The time you save with VoIP features will make your work days simpler and help to increase productivity, maximizing your business’ growth both now and in the future.

Start benefiting from a VoIP phone line that’s far more affordable and functional than the traditional landline. Work with an efficient business telephone company in Richmond Hill to have your communication managed on one network, and start working with increased productivity.

Your Top 5 Questions about VoIP Business Phones, Answered

At YesTel, our experience in providing telecommunication solutions to businesses like yours is backed by decades of working in the VoIP industry. Starting as regular tech support representatives, we’ve significantly expanded our understanding of VoIP business telephones, and how providers like ourselves can help entrepreneurs like you stay on top of the latest communication trends and must-haves, so as to build meaningful relationships with clients, and reap the benefits of this in the form of growth and stability in the industry.

Like you, we’ve had a lot of questions and concerns about this service long before we became VoIP business telephone providers ourselves; we know exactly what your concerns are, more so as when you’re considering making the switch to our VoIP services, as an alternative to your RingCentral subscription.

In this short FAQ article, we’ll give you the answers to the top 5 most common questions you’ve probably been asking ever since you availed of VoIP business phones:

Why should I switch my analog business telephone lines to VoIP?

For us at YesTel, it’s as simple as this: why would you prefer to drive a new car instead of 20 year-old Pontiac? Oh, and by the way, in this case, new doesn’t mean more expensive.

VoIP service is much cheaper than traditional phone lines, and it comes with a nice set of new features. Most likely, these are specialized features you didn’t know about before, or you were just hoping to have, but were unavailable in traditional phones. By availing of our VoIP business telephones, you can communicate better in the office and with clients, and by switching to our RingCentral alternative, you get to save more in the process.

Should I expect a downtime when switching to VoIP?

There’s a bit of a downtime when switching to VoIP, but it shouldn’t leave you worried. Taking virtually none to up to 30 minutes at most, VoIP business telephone providers like YesTel understand how important phones are for your business, so we make sure your new phone system is in place and ready to go as soon as you make the switch.

What is PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Basically, it’s the telephone system equipment where all your phone extensions and call features are configured. As a VoIP business telephone provider, part of our service is to fit your phones with PBX, so as to synchronize your office phones’ entire system.

What is the difference between Hosted PBX and IP-PBX residing in the office?

PBX hardware is not cheap and requires specific knowledge for proper configuration. Having the PBX on-site gives you the full control on your phone network (e.g. create or delete extensions, manage call features). But doing so requires hiring a qualified individual to manage the PBX for you, which incur additional cost. If your Internet/Power goes down or PBX fails, you will lose phone service completely.

At YesTel, our solution, and an alternative to RingCentral systems at that, is  hosted PBX. This way, the only hardware you will need on-site are the VoIP business telephones. This reduces the cost of initial setup and ongoing maintenance. Also, since the PBX is in our premises, it is much more reliable. Even if your Internet or power goes down, we can route the calls to failover numbers, such as mobile phones. As a bonus, implementing new features or system upgrades doesn’t require any work or cost on your end.

How is the voice quality in VoIP business phones?

VoIP technology has improved a lot over the past years. Currently, VoIP have the same or even better quality than traditional landlines.

On this end, please also note that voice quality depends mostly on Internet speed and how your office’s local network is set up. If you’re experiencing quality issues with the VoIP service at your location, you can always request a test phone with us for a couple of days to make sure that our phone lines meet your requirements – allowing you to make an informed decision regarding availing of VoIP business telephones, or if you’re already using them, switching to our much more affordable and localized alternative to RingCentral.

Looking to improve communications that shape how you do business? Try our VoIP business telephone service. Make the smart switch not just to integrated communications in office, but save big and enjoy premium features with our affordable and reliable alternative to RingCentral!

YesTel is the Ringcentral Alternative for SMB Growth

As a small to medium business owner, you need a service provider you can count on to carry out important business communications wherever, whenever they occur. Investing in a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service provider offers the advantages a business like yours needs in the way of reliable access, collaboration, efficiency, and flexibility.

If you’re looking for a RingCentral alternative in Richmond Hill, YesTel opens opportunities for your future business initiatives with crystal clear communication.

YesTel features offer your small or medium-sized business (SMB) the communicative advantages that lead to future growth including:

Increased Accessibility

Call Routing: The reality of business today is that employees are away from their desk for almost half of the work day. That’s why you need to be able to forward calls to other extensions, as well as mobile devices.Your mobile devices can easily be connected to the service for communication anywhere you may be.

Unified Voicemail Box: You receive voicemail notices and can access your voicemail online while out of the office. This way, you always stay informed.

Unlimited Calling: Since all voice traffic occurs on our network, you have free range with your local and long-distance calls.

Additional Collaboration

Conference call upgrade: VoIP voice solutions allow room for another outgoing call to be connected to a current call, enabling a 6 caller connection. All employees, including those working from home, can be involved in important meetings.

Online faxing: Receive multiple faxes at a time through email. This makes faxes easy to forward to coworkers, where you are.

Work with Efficiency

Record Calls: You get access to past correspondence which can be useful for potential dispute cases, improve training techniques, and sending audio files for review whenever necessary.

Data Analytics: We provide you web access to your account where you can manage your services. Here you can look at call logs linked to extensions or accounts to inform business decisions.

Increased Flexibility

Easy Scaling: our service is easy to install, as you don’t need an in office PBX. Expand your business without difficulty.  

More Mobility: More and more people work remotely. The basis of our VoIP service makes it convenient for your SMB to increase your employee base while keeping a small footprint.

Why YesTel is your RingCentral Alternative

You want all the perks of VoIP phone service at a cost effective price. YesTel offers business plans starting at $19.95 a month, making it the perfect RingCentral alternative. RingCentral’s service offers plans starting at $24.99, an added monthly expense you don’t need to grow your SMB. Efficient communication is the key to any successful business, make it part of yours.

If you’re interested in cost-effective, VoIP phone service in Richmond Hill, make YesTel your RingCentral Alternative today!

YesTel’s Free Demo Makes it a Trusted RingCentral Alternative

When you’re operating a business, you want to maximize the value of every asset you own. This includes ensuring the quality of your phone line is clear and stable for reliable customer correspondence, and is affordable. If you’ve been looking for a VoIP business phone line that gives a little more wiggle room for spending elsewhere, YesTel is your RingCentral alternative.

The best part about YesTel is the confidence our free demo service gives you before making the switch from RingCentral.

Make sure YesTel is right for your business, and let the free trial answer any questions you may have. See exactly what YesTel allows you to experience for free, first!

Lean-In Interaction with Consultants

Establishing an in-person connection with your VoIP phone line right away allows you to experience the convenience of the local support we make available to you at YesTel. Try out our advanced features like conferencing calling to desk phones and smartphones, enhanced voicemail, visual call waiting, and our find me, follow me feature!

We can give you detailed information about each feature we offer, and how it can be used to its maximum capacity. Our consultants can walk you through any motions you want to be able to carry out on a daily basis. Take comfort knowing this support is locally available whenever you need it.

Pre-Plan your System Installment Location

Establish the perfect area in your space for optimal connection. Allow our consultants to guide you in this process, and take your time locating optimal placement for daily accessibility.

This way you get to try a RingCentral alternative that allows you to see how it functions for your daily business needs. Pick from an assortment of compatible handsets to customize telephone features to each area in the office, shop, or venue! We want to make sure our services do everything and more for you that RingCentral did previously, at a fraction of the cost. Don’t leave it up to chance! See our VoIP service as the affordable, local, RingCentral alternative that it is without having to immediately commit!

Switch from RingCentral with Ease

Once your YesTel demo is complete, it only takes 30 minutes to switch from RingCentral. All the work is done for you, and no need to worry about losing contacts. Your contacts, service, and numbers are all smoothly transferred by our consultants as you wish.

YesTel’s mission is to offer local, affordable, and accessible support for all of your business’ communication needs. We know how important it is for you to reach every customer that interacts with your business and everything it has to offer! With much lower standard rates, we cut down on your monthly phone line costs significantly so you can invest even more into your products and services. We plan to make the entire switch from RingCentral easy, comfortable, and secure!

Need an affordable alternative to RingCentral? Try our VoIP free demo before you switch, and save on local, budget friendly phone service to interact with your loyal and new comer customers!

I’m Looking for a RingCentral Alternative – How do I Switch VoIP Providers?

As a business owner, you may already know by now that the backbone of every strong sales line is reliable customer support that’s accessible with a phone line. But are you happy with your existing phone lines – are they doing the best work in supporting the way you do business?

You might be in the market for switching phone lines to a local high-quality phone line that is as reliable as RingCentral, but at a cost that’s far easier to sustain. At YesTel, we offer a great alternative! With the same quality service and reliable local support, our business phone lines are a cost-effective solution.

When making the switch we know you have a few concerns. Are you concerned about your pre-existing number(s) and contacts in your RingCentral line? We know it’s crucial that you keep your existing information. But don’t worry – our guarantee is a seamless transition to a RingCentral alternative that allows you to keep all your contacts, whether you’ll be using the same device, or you’re upgrading to a newer model!

Do you know that you can significantly reduce your phone bill with our complete business telephone solutions from just $19.95/month?


We take the lead in switching your previous subscription and in 30 minutes you are good-to-go with a successful business solution.

Can I get a demonstration of the system?

If you want to check the quality of your phone line, a certified technician will come to you to set up a test line and demonstrate how the system works. With the test line you can test the clarity of the incoming and outgoing calls, greetings, voicemails, and much more – all to give you a preview of the services and support you can expect from us when you switch to our RingCentral alternative.

Do you transfer my contacts and numbers when I switch to YesTel?

Everything is done for you when switching your business phone lines over. There are two things to transfer over when you switch to YesTel:

  • The service
  • The contacts

Transferring your phone numbers can be a scary process for a business owner because you rely on these contacts for your business to strive. Here, we make the process protected, quick, and simple in order for your business to stay running smoothly. Often as a business owner you have your own phone and do not need to change the contacts over as they are saved within the software, but if you do desire a new device – the change is done by us.

How many phone lines can I have? Minimum? Maximum?

Having multiple lines is a crucial element in many business today, especially for customer service quality. Business owners can have minimum one line and up to as many other lines as they need. Unlike other subscriptions you may have had in the past, YesTel has no limitations for the number of lines you can have, allowing you to reach as many customers as possible. A bonus to having multiple lines is that you can set up individual features per line to optimize your business’ communications and customer service.

What are some of the additional features?

Advanced features include:

  • Hosted PBX / Auto Attendant
  • Call Recording
  • Voice to Email
  • Three-way Calling
  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Visual Call Waiting
  • Speed Dial Memory
  • Find Me, Follow Me Feature
  • Call ID / Call Hold
  • Call Display
  • My Account Web Access

Can I count on you for Reliable Customer Support?

If there is a concern with your system you will receive immediate customer support either via email or by calling the toll-free number. We provide you solutions not excuses. It is important for us to provide transparency with all our customers – giving you an effortless experience by allowing us to take the lead and ensure a hassle-free switch.

Looking for a cost effective solution? Try our alternative to RingCentral! Switch your business phone system effortlessly with no limitations and no long term agreements. We take the lead for you, at 1-855-249-3132.