What Makes VoIP Service the Affordable Landline Alternative?

As a business looking for a reliable phone line, you may be wondering how voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service offers cost efficient communication that exceeds your typical landline system. You want to ensure that the money you save doesn’t come at the cost of a faulty connection, and fortunately, VoIP service exists to remedy that.

Switching to a VoIP business telephone allows you to use an existing clear internet connection, rather than relying on an alternate system and cuts costs while providing the best quality communication line. Read on to gain a little more insight on the difference between VoIP and landline service and why VoIP saves your business from unnecessary expenses.

The IP Advantage

Since traditional landlines send voice communications through a private branch exchange (PBX), they require a seperate line and provider for voice and data capabilities. Instead, VoIP systems transmit voice calls using IP as data packets, combining voice and data capabilities on a single network.

Having one multi-functioning line enhances your access to business communications, collaborative team action, smarter work routines, and flexible work conditions – all while incurring lower costs than the landline alternative in most instances.

VoIP Cost-Efficiency

The biggest advantage of VoIP service is the savings you reap from a significantly reduced phone bill expense. Since your business no longer has to work with more than one service provider for office, mobile, and data services, you eliminate additional network costs with just one bill coming from one provider. VoIP telephone companies manage and maintain your network, hardware, and software, which reduces the need for IT support, so you have more time and resources to innovate on other business initiatives.

VoIP systems also allow for monthly, per-user payments, and can come with limitless data so you have complete flexibility with long distance calls. Unexpected charges then become a thing of the past, as your mobility, location, and  time of day you’re making calls has no influence on your monthly fees. Best of all, VoIP phone systems are easy and quick to install. We can come in to your office, or send our phones to your location, and help you connect your new devices to the internet, so that your business can operate as usual without disruptions.

Improved Productivity Yields Business Savings

The amount of money you can save from having a more efficient workplace is undeniable. Your day-to-day tasks become easier in a way that landline systems would not allow for.  With our VoIP services, your employees will spend less time waiting for manual, paper fed faxes, and instead, receive faxes via email with a clear PDF attachment, ready to be forwarded.  Business communications will be made in a more timely manner, with no technical disruptions.

VoIP service also improves customer satisfaction, as employees can spend less time attempting to troubleshoot issues that have occurred; instead, they can simply reach out to a VoIP auto attendant. Our attendants will give the caller information regarding common issues, so they can resolve them quickly and efficiently. Human resources can even be improved, as calls can be forwarded to appropriate numbers at any time of day.

The time you save with VoIP features will make your work days simpler and help to increase productivity, maximizing your business’ growth both now and in the future.

Start benefiting from a VoIP phone line that’s far more affordable and functional than the traditional landline. Work with an efficient business telephone company in Richmond Hill to have your communication managed on one network, and start working with increased productivity.

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