3 Myths About VoIP Business Telephones

Despite the growing number of people switching their business telephones over to VoIP phone systems, many are still skeptical because of some myths floating around the internet. But did you know that many of these myths are simply common misconceptions?

As a reputable VoIP business telephone provider, we understand that your company’s telephone line is your business’ lifeline. That’s why we believe in delivering secure and reliable connections to clients, so that they may have access to clear and effective communications and seamless collaboration.

At YesTel, we want our clients to be confident about their decision to make the switch. That’s why we’re debunking 3 common misconceptions about VoIP phone systems today to give you some peace of mind. To discover the truth behind using VoIP for your business, keep reading:

Myth #1: VoIP Business Telephones Are Not Secure

Popular to contrary belief, VoIP phone systems are far more secure than traditional telephone lines. When using a traditional telephone line, your call can be easily tapped into, putting both your business and your client’s information at risk. However, with VoIP telephone systems, your line will be intricately encoded and modulated to ensure that your business’ security and privacy goes uncompromised. Rest easy knowing that your business’ confidential information will remain confidential when you make the switch to a reputable VoIP business telephone provider like YesTel today.

Myth #2: Voice Quality Is Bad In Comparison To Traditional Lines

As you may already know, VoIP phone systems use your business’ internet connection to keep you connected to your customers. Back in the early days of VoIP, customers may have complained about slow connections and unreliability, but VoIP phone systems and broadband internet connections have progressed dramatically since then. With faster internet speeds available today, VoIP phone systems are just as –if not more — reliable than traditional phone lines today.

With that being said, the main factor that typically affects the quality of calls is your internet speed. If your broadband speeds and internet quality are up to par, then your VoIP phone systems should see no issue either. Boasting a greater frequency range than traditional analogue lines, VoIP phone systems can actually enable your business to receive clearer calls with less background noise for clear and effective communication with your customers.

Myth #3: Changing Providers Means You Lose Your Phone Number

Terrified of making the switch simply because you don’t want to lose your existing business telephone number? At YesTel, we understand that keeping a consistent number is vital for your business. That’s why we offer to port your existing number for you. Whether you’re currently with a traditional business telephone provider or another VoIP business telephone provider, our team at YesTel will make the switch easy. In as little as 30 minutes, we’ll have all your contacts, services and numbers transitioned into your new YesTel VoIP phone system so that your business day goes uninterrupted.

At YesTel, our mission is to provide customers with local, affordable and accessible support for all their business communications needs. That’s why we offer complete business telephone solutions–with local support available in Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket and other areas in the GTA–for small to medium sized businesses starting at just $19.99/month. With lower standard rates and guaranteed voice quality, YesTel will make your transition to VoIP phone systems as seamless as possible.

Ready to help your business make the switch? YesTel is a reputable VoIP business telephone provider, offering complete business solutions to those in Richmond Hill and surrounding GTA areas. To speak with one of our specialists, feel free to give us a call.