I’m Looking for a RingCentral Alternative – How do I Switch VoIP Providers?

As a business owner, you may already know by now that the backbone of every strong sales line is reliable customer support that’s accessible with a phone line. But are you happy with your existing phone lines – are they doing the best work in supporting the way you do business?

You might be in the market for switching phone lines to a local high-quality phone line that is as reliable as RingCentral, but at a cost that’s far easier to sustain. At YesTel, we offer a great alternative! With the same quality service and reliable local support, our business phone lines are a cost-effective solution.

When making the switch we know you have a few concerns. Are you concerned about your pre-existing number(s) and contacts in your RingCentral line? We know it’s crucial that you keep your existing information. But don’t worry – our guarantee is a seamless transition to a RingCentral alternative that allows you to keep all your contacts, whether you’ll be using the same device, or you’re upgrading to a newer model!

Do you know that you can significantly reduce your phone bill with our complete business telephone solutions from just $19.95/month?


We take the lead in switching your previous subscription and in 30 minutes you are good-to-go with a successful business solution.

Can I get a demonstration of the system?

If you want to check the quality of your phone line, a certified technician will come to you to set up a test line and demonstrate how the system works. With the test line you can test the clarity of the incoming and outgoing calls, greetings, voicemails, and much more – all to give you a preview of the services and support you can expect from us when you switch to our RingCentral alternative.

Do you transfer my contacts and numbers when I switch to YesTel?

Everything is done for you when switching your business phone lines over. There are two things to transfer over when you switch to YesTel:

  • The service
  • The contacts

Transferring your phone numbers can be a scary process for a business owner because you rely on these contacts for your business to strive. Here, we make the process protected, quick, and simple in order for your business to stay running smoothly. Often as a business owner you have your own phone and do not need to change the contacts over as they are saved within the software, but if you do desire a new device – the change is done by us.

How many phone lines can I have? Minimum? Maximum?

Having multiple lines is a crucial element in many business today, especially for customer service quality. Business owners can have minimum one line and up to as many other lines as they need. Unlike other subscriptions you may have had in the past, YesTel has no limitations for the number of lines you can have, allowing you to reach as many customers as possible. A bonus to having multiple lines is that you can set up individual features per line to optimize your business’ communications and customer service.

What are some of the additional features?

Advanced features include:

  • Hosted PBX / Auto Attendant
  • Call Recording
  • Voice to Email
  • Three-way Calling
  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Visual Call Waiting
  • Speed Dial Memory
  • Find Me, Follow Me Feature
  • Call ID / Call Hold
  • Call Display
  • My Account Web Access

Can I count on you for Reliable Customer Support?

If there is a concern with your system you will receive immediate customer support either via email or by calling the toll-free number. We provide you solutions not excuses. It is important for us to provide transparency with all our customers – giving you an effortless experience by allowing us to take the lead and ensure a hassle-free switch.

Looking for a cost effective solution? Try our alternative to RingCentral! Switch your business phone system effortlessly with no limitations and no long term agreements. We take the lead for you, at 1-855-249-3132.