Your Top 5 Questions about VoIP Business Phones, Answered

At YesTel, our experience in providing telecommunication solutions to businesses like yours is backed by decades of working in the VoIP industry. Starting as regular tech support representatives, we’ve significantly expanded our understanding of VoIP business telephones, and how providers like ourselves can help entrepreneurs like you stay on top of the latest communication trends and must-haves, so as to build meaningful relationships with clients, and reap the benefits of this in the form of growth and stability in the industry.

Like you, we’ve had a lot of questions and concerns about this service long before we became VoIP business telephone providers ourselves; we know exactly what your concerns are, more so as when you’re considering making the switch to our VoIP services, as an alternative to your RingCentral subscription.

In this short FAQ article, we’ll give you the answers to the top 5 most common questions you’ve probably been asking ever since you availed of VoIP business phones:

Why should I switch my analog business telephone lines to VoIP?

For us at YesTel, it’s as simple as this: why would you prefer to drive a new car instead of 20 year-old Pontiac? Oh, and by the way, in this case, new doesn’t mean more expensive.

VoIP service is much cheaper than traditional phone lines, and it comes with a nice set of new features. Most likely, these are specialized features you didn’t know about before, or you were just hoping to have, but were unavailable in traditional phones. By availing of our VoIP business telephones, you can communicate better in the office and with clients, and by switching to our RingCentral alternative, you get to save more in the process.

Should I expect a downtime when switching to VoIP?

There’s a bit of a downtime when switching to VoIP, but it shouldn’t leave you worried. Taking virtually none to up to 30 minutes at most, VoIP business telephone providers like YesTel understand how important phones are for your business, so we make sure your new phone system is in place and ready to go as soon as you make the switch.

What is PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Basically, it’s the telephone system equipment where all your phone extensions and call features are configured. As a VoIP business telephone provider, part of our service is to fit your phones with PBX, so as to synchronize your office phones’ entire system.

What is the difference between Hosted PBX and IP-PBX residing in the office?

PBX hardware is not cheap and requires specific knowledge for proper configuration. Having the PBX on-site gives you the full control on your phone network (e.g. create or delete extensions, manage call features). But doing so requires hiring a qualified individual to manage the PBX for you, which incur additional cost. If your Internet/Power goes down or PBX fails, you will lose phone service completely.

At YesTel, our solution, and an alternative to RingCentral systems at that, is  hosted PBX. This way, the only hardware you will need on-site are the VoIP business telephones. This reduces the cost of initial setup and ongoing maintenance. Also, since the PBX is in our premises, it is much more reliable. Even if your Internet or power goes down, we can route the calls to failover numbers, such as mobile phones. As a bonus, implementing new features or system upgrades doesn’t require any work or cost on your end.

How is the voice quality in VoIP business phones?

VoIP technology has improved a lot over the past years. Currently, VoIP have the same or even better quality than traditional landlines.

On this end, please also note that voice quality depends mostly on Internet speed and how your office’s local network is set up. If you’re experiencing quality issues with the VoIP service at your location, you can always request a test phone with us for a couple of days to make sure that our phone lines meet your requirements – allowing you to make an informed decision regarding availing of VoIP business telephones, or if you’re already using them, switching to our much more affordable and localized alternative to RingCentral.

Looking to improve communications that shape how you do business? Try our VoIP business telephone service. Make the smart switch not just to integrated communications in office, but save big and enjoy premium features with our affordable and reliable alternative to RingCentral!

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